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tv   Andrea Mitchell Reports  MSNBC  July 1, 2010 1:00pm-2:00pm EDT

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i lift my lamp beside the golden door. let us remember these words. as it falls on each generation to ensure that that lamp, that beacon, continues to shine as a source of hope around the world. and a source of our prosperity here at home. >> this hour, new mexico governor bill richardson. and fresh from the president's speech illinois congressman luis gutierrez and new york mayor michael bloomberg. the aftermath of the big storm, can the oil cleanup resume after the storm moves inland? and more questions about bp, why was there no mention of hurricanes in their disaster response plan? congressman ed markey live with this -- this latest hour. and good day, i'm andrea mitchell live in washington. tropical storm alex has now weakening as it moves deep into mexico but the storm left a deadly mark overnight. the worst destruction was seen in over 100 miles south of
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brownsville, texas. where violent winds and powerful rains wrecked homes. flooded neighborhoods and killed at least three people including a 5-year-old child. the weather channel's stephanie abrams live on south padre island. stephanie, bring us up to date on this situation right now. >> reporter: well, as you're mentioning, the worst of the damage and the deaths were actually south of the border in mexico. here in texas, no deaths and very minimal damage. the biggest problem was the flooding. we did have record rainfall. the wettest june day in mcallen and also into brownsville, texas. here in south padre five inches of rain. now the rain and the surge cannot take out the dunes. they're very big, very strong, a little bits of erosion on them, but overall they're pretty good. the maximum wind gusts that we had here was 66 miles per hour and that was actually on the causeway bridge, which at a time, was actually shutdown, but has now reopened. the other thing that this storm left behind, it's taken away all of the flooding that is no longer here. we have no reports of damage, but andrea, lots of seaweed.
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you will probably see it behind me, just mounds and mounds of seaweed. but they say it will be cleaned up in time for the fourth of july. >> that's good news for them. i wish the oil could be cleaned up as much along the gulf. >> yeah. >> thank you, stephanie. president obama delivered his first major address on immigration reform today in washington, after critics claimed he's not living up to his campaign pledge to make this a top priority for him. nbc news mike viqueira is at the white house today for us. mike, let's talk about the president's speech. i want to play a little bit and talk to you on the other side. >> reporter: okay. >> after years of patchwork fixes and ill-conceived revisions the illegal immigration system is as broken as the border's. these laws also have the potential of violating the rights of innocent american citizens and legal residents, making them subject to possible stops or questioning because of what they look like or how they
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sound. >> mike, he certainly laid out problem, but has he laid out any -- any weight -- or proceed politically? there's no indicationta they're about to make this the kind of priority, the kind of issue that health care was for them. >> reporter: right, and andrea, part of that is because it's sort of become the new political third rail of washington politicians. it is an issue that is so volatile that it cleves both parents right down the middle. you know back in 2006 under the administration of george w. bush, a version of what the president -- president obama is advocating past the senate and passed the senate with 11 republican. it would be extremely unlikely to see a vote composition like that right now. the president has not put forth specific language on a bill. he's had a number of meetings here with immigration reform, advocates. many of them are upset, they're frustrated, along with other groups on the left, like gay rights groups. now these immigration reform groups come. they say, mr. president, you have not lived up to the promise of your campaign and your
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administration, we thought that this would be taken care of. but the problem is that it's sort of like, andrea, this sort of alfons and caston routine here in washington. the house says to the senate, no, after you, you go first. the senate says to the president, no, no, we need some legislation from you. all eyes on lindsey graham and another democratic member trying to come up with some sort of bipartisan compromise. lindsey graham is upset because of the way that the president has proceeded on other issues. so the prospects for this year are not very good. we saw professor obama today giving another one of his speeches with historical ante seedents. you played the poem there, the kollosus. but bottom line no concrete legislation now that's moving forward. andrea. >> so it was all poetry and no pros. thank you very much, mike viqueira. and i'm joined now by the governor of new mexico, bill richardson, who knows more about this issue than a lot of our
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other guests. so, governor, good to see you. >> thank perspective in the southwest usee all those competing factions. the president's speech, no game plan ahead for making policy into politics and making it into law. >> well, i was very pleased because i felt there was an important forceful speech that elevated the issue. the president, so far, hadn't elevated it to making it a priority and making a major address like this indicates that it is a priority. and that he is moving forward. it was important also because he said we need bipartisanship and republicans are scampering away from this issue when they should be participating. the last important point that he made was that you just can't have, at least for the border, just more border security. you have to have a path of legalization combined with that border security.
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and the last point that i think he made was that he came out very strong against the arizona law, which suggests that the administration is going to come out, hopefully, and try to make that law unconstitutional because it's a federal responsibility. >> now that law goes into effect just 29 days from today. what's going to happen when that law goes into effect unless some injunction or some federal action that we don't foresee right now to stop it from going into effect. >> well, it's going to have a very horrendous effect. you're already seeing a bunch of states and localities trying to duplicate what arizona's doing. you're seeing a lot of police nervous about what their responsibilities are. you're seeing threats of racial profiling, lawsuits. a lot of annise around the country. i think that the best step would be is if the congress moves forward along with perhaps energy legislation on comprehensive immigration reform where you crackdown on illegal hires, you enhance border
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security. i think that the president has taken some welcome steps, at least for our border states, with additional national guard in the last few days. and then, thirdly, a legalization plan where you allow those who are here to stay if they pay back taxes. their right with the law. they get behind everybody else trying to get here legally. they pass a background check. and try to come up with a comprehensive plan that is bipartisan. but somehow, republicans are scampering away from this issue not wanting to deal with it. their hard right is demonizing immigrants, and so this is why you have an issue where you can't get any boat votes of it. in fact you lose votes when this issue comes up. >> governor jan brew sercomplaining she doesn't have as enough national guard troops. she has eight times as many as sent to the mexico border. where do you stand as far as what we think is needed along the border, is it too much, too
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little? >> well, if you look at violence along the border it has declined and this administration has provided more border patrol, more national guard than any other administration. now, we do need more. i need more, new mexico. although we have reduced violence at our border. and, obviously, governor brewer needs more but she did get a whole bunch recently. she got more than any other of the four border states. so we're making progress, but the president can't have more appropriations until he goes to congress for more border security, more detection equipment, more ability to find ways to, not just curb the drug violence, but deal with the illegal immigration issue. but i think, andrea, you can't just beef up the border. you have to deal with the 11 million that are here. and give them an opportunity to come out of the shadows, integrate them. you know here in new mexico, we've given them driver's licenses with a lot of safeguards. we allow the dream max so that
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they could can get scholarships if they qualify. and that has worked in my statement in my judgment. but we've also had enhanced border security. i had -- i was the first governor to have a -- a border emergency and we've had national guard there that are state's paid for even though the feds hadn't come through. so there are ways to deal with it, but the best way is to have comprehensive immigration reform. the president's speech says, i care about this issue. we need to move forward. it is in its infancy. there's just a few bills there. congressman gutierrez, who you will have later, has a very good bill too that i think needs to be considered. >> what about legal immigration? that process is also broken. >> it is broken. so i think you can build a coalition of those that want to come in legally that -- because of a backlog or background checks that almost take a year can't get in. and you've got those that, for instance in high-tech and other
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industries that we need workers that we need and many of those are not from the southwest border, are not latinos, they're europeans, they're others. so i think that you can build a coalition that says, our entire immigration system legal and illegal is broken, and let's find a way to fix it. but the only way to do it is through legislation. so the congress has six months to go. you know this stuff about an election year that they can't deal with it. they've got six months, they should deal with energy, they should deal with the economy and they should deal with the immigration reform. and in the first step has to be the president saying, i want this done. and i think that he did it today. >> spoken with certain expertise as a former member of congress, you know what goes on up there. but it is an election year but that's not really an excuse, is it? >> no, it isn't. it isn't. they should get down and do it. you don't get votes out of this issue, bithat's what the congress' supposed to do is take
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those tough votes. >> bill richardson, great to see you, governor. satisfy crit tech stocks say that the white house is not moving fast enough on immigration? we'll talk to one of them, illinois congressman luis gutierrez coming up next. and later, could immigration reform be the key to saving the economy? new york city mayor, mike bloomberg. and send us your thoughts you can find me at twitter@mitchellreports. ♪ [ upbeat instrumental ]
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reform that brings accountability to our immigration system cannot pass without republican votes. that is the political and mathematical reality. the only way to reduce the risk that this effort will again
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falter because of politics is if members of both parties are willing to take responsibility for solving this problem once and for all. president obama at american university today calling on congress to come together and pass comprehensive immigration reform. joining us now congressman luis gutierrez of illinois, chairman of the immigration task force of the congressional hispanic caucus and you were at the speech, congressman. you've been critical in the past to act on comprehensive reform during his first year in office. i were there, so are you satisfied with what you heard today? >> i'm -- i'm happy with what i heard today, andrea. it's a very good beginning. it's a very good foundation. i heard someone eye heard, kind of teacher obama, right? professor obama, which we know that he can be very good. there were no applause lines. there shouldn't any applause lines. it was a very statesmanlike speech in which he outlines the
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need for comprehensive immigration reform. what the components parts are. and he spoke about the need for having republican votes, which is necessary. look, we can get 90% of the votes from the democratic party. both in the senate and in the house for comprehensive immigration reform. but there aren't -- we don't have them. we need republican votes. so in that sense, i think he was speaking to them. and here's the other thing i'm happy he did today. because what i've been calling upon the president to do is to take action and set -- set the dining table, right? set the menu, invite us to the dinner, tell us what it is -- what the menu is. he set the menu today. en what he did today is that we have the southern baptist convention leadership there. and now all of a sudden, we have robert murdoch and we have the mayor bloomberg, we have angelic leaders. conservative voices coming and
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saying, we're with you, mr. president. he was speaking to them and not to those of us that have already signed on. >> but you still need republicans on the hill and even though you've got for instance, congressman jeff flake, who co-sponsored bipartisan legislation back in 2007. and is still yet to hear from the president. hear from the white house. why haven't they been working this harder? >> well, i tell you what i agree with you and that's my complaint. they haven't been working it harder. it's a new beginning. you know, andrea, one thing about washington, d.c., is that we do complain, we do raise our voices, we do demand action. i think that that is very, very appropriate especially when you feel that those in high places, such as the president, the executive, isn't doing their job. but today he began to do his job. we can't just reach back and say, well it took him too long. no, we're here. we're moving forward. jeff flake was two seats away from me. i'm going to engage him. i think it's my personal responsibility to also reach out
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to him to begin. you say that jeff flake. it was jeff flake who introduced the comprehensive immigration legislation here in the house of representatives. it's time for -- i don't want to put him in a position. it's time for people like jeff flake and i who in the past have had conversations and formed alliances to begin to say is this a new moment for us? and the president i believe set the stage in such a manner in which we can all come together. because you know what? what can you really argue about? he said he's going to secure our border. we're going to go after employers here. we're going to giving a pathway to legalization, that isn't amnesty. he says they'll have to register with the government. they're going to have to pay a fine. they're going to have to get in the back of the line. they're going to have to learn english. but most importantly, he's going to give them an opportunity to integrate themselves and at the same time he spoke about immigrants in a very positive fashion in terms of their contributions to our nation. >> all of the above. and now the real hard work begins. thank you very much, thank you,
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congressman. >> yes, andrea. thanks so much for inviting me. >> good to see you. anytime. and up next, why can't the senate break this impasse over extending jobless benefits to more than a million americans who are out of work?
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i'm from the gulf coast. my family spends a lot of time here. i have a personal interest in ensuring that we get this job done right. i'm keith seilhan. i'm in charge of bp's clean up on the gulf coast. bp's taken full responsibility for the clean up, and that includes keeping you informed. over 25,000 people are included in the clean up operation. our crews are cleaning the gulf beaches 24/7. we're going to be here as long as it takes to make this right. mom, thanks for the amazing pie! it's soo good. ♪ this is insanely good. see, i thank you for stuff! oh and thanks for the roof over my head...and stuff like that. you should come over more often. and thanks for having such exquisite taste. ♪
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we're not moving away from this issue. it'll be back to haunt these people for what they are doing to people who are in such desperate shape. >> after months of debate, senate democrats are still one vote short to pass an extension of unemployment benefits for 1.3 million americans who now will not be getting their checks. republican leaders are adamantly opposed to adding $34 billion more to the deficit. politico's martin katie joins us now. what's the status of this? are there any negotiations that may break this impasse. >> the senate adjournd last night for the july 4th recess so won't be back until the following monday so they're at an impasse -- >> the following monday july
1:23 pm
12th. >> yeah, yeah. so they might lose 2 million people off of -- they might lose their unemployment was about here. they fell one vote short. republicans have decided to be extremely unify on this. they're happy to pass the extensions of the unemployment was about or offset it with stimulus cuts. >> what senator mcconnell, the republican leader, said the only reason that the unemployment extension has not passed is because of our friends on the other side simply refuse to pass a bill that does not add to the debt, that's. and scott brown, who in fact had helped democrats on other bills says, it's checking account versus the credit card. i've worked across party lines to solve problems but it needs to be a two-way street. democrats now think they've got an issue here that resonates with voters in this election year? >> yeah, republicans have found new religion on deficit spending here. you know unemployment benefits and war funding for the past nine years, both of those things have often cleared on an
1:24 pm
emergency spending designation which is kind of freeze it up as you pay as you go balance budget restrictions. but they believe, the republicans believe that deficit spending is a serious issue with voters. and remember when jim bunning came out and blocked benefits. whoa joe bun, he's kooky. and now behind him just a few months later. >> never thought they would see that. thank you martin kady. and coming up the hurricane, hurricane alex had stirred up trouble for cleanup efforts in the gulf, now it's a tropical storm. we're live in pensacola. plus, congressman ed markey, who's been ripping bp for not considering hurricanes in their response plan. he joins us next. and stay up to date on the gulf oil spill including how you can help. logon to our website i'm a random windstorm.
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and we're following the path of tropical storm alex, as it moves through inland mexico now, what grew into a deadly hurricane 2 category has now been downgraded. floods remain in southeast texas and in mexico neighborhoods have been evacuated. thousands of people have been evacuated to shelters. cleanup crews are back on the beach of pensacola, florida. so let's bring in jeff live from pensacola, florida. let's bring up to date on the wildlife and what the rescue efforts have been. >> reporter: good afternoon, andrea. well, here we are, we're at pensacola beach.
1:29 pm
and during this time of year this beach should be covered with tourists, instead the sands have been laced with this very toxic crude. andrea, if you look at my feet i will have tony, our cameraman, sort of spin along here and you can see wherever we look we see this ribbon of sticky, taffylike crude and whatever it touches to it sticks to. andrea, you just asked about wildlife. this is the type of fish that's unique to these waters. it's called a puffer fish. now we can't conclusively say it died because of the oil spill, but it's here. it's rolled and stuck to all of this oil and it begs the question. we also have this stuff right here, andrea, can you see that? >> i can. >> reporter: this is called sargasm. yeah, this is called sargasm. it's a time seaweed, and basically a lot of species of fish and animals, they rely on this as habitat as they float in the open ocean. this becomes a wig of death as it gets coated with this oil.
1:30 pm
i know that you were interested in the sea turtles here, andrea, seven specipeace i species. five of them frequent these waters. one of them the kemp's riddly is critically endangered. only 25,000 turtles left. because of this spill have perished, fallen prey to the oil. people are very worry tad that burning of what they call the on-site burning is actually burning these turtles. tomorrow i'm heading out with the crew. look at it firsthand and see how our turtles are trying to fight for their survival. >> wildlife groups, protection groups, have filed lawsuits to try do something about the turtles as well. jeff corwin, thank you for that very vivid and graphic demonstration of exactly what the impact is of the spill there in florida. thanks again. and let's bring in congressman ed markey, chairman of the energy and environment subcommittee. congressman, we didn't need to
1:31 pm
see any moregraphically than that. that is the result, not on people's lives so much as the wildlife and that's florida, that's not even louisiana. >> yes, again, it's just a vivid demonstration of the fact that this is the greatest environmental catastrophe in our nation's history. it is as a result of the lack of preparation by bp. in fact in their spill response plan, they actually forgot to mention hurricanes or tropical storms. they have no preparation for that, at all in their response plans. although, they did mention their capacity to evacuate walruses from the gulf of mexico, which have not lived there for 3 million years. so it is just unfortunately a tragedy compounded by the incompetency of bp. >> now you sent a letter to lamar mckay the bp executive yesterday i think asking him to
1:32 pm
further explain their emergency response plans. have you had any response from him yet? >> no. we have no response because, unfortunately, all they can really say is, you're right. we didn't plan for it. but by the way, neither did exxonmobil, neither did conocophillips. they just did not take this seriously. they basically wanted to believe that an accident could not occur and did not put in place the kinds of protections that would be necessary to respond ultrafast, to have ultrasafe technologies that could be deployed quickly. and what we're now seeing is, again, the graphic pictures of the consequences of an historic failure to prepare for a worst-case scenario. >> now, there seems to be a growing -- a growing argument between the white house and republican leaders on the house side. we saw the president attack
1:33 pm
congressman boehner, the republican leader yesterday. and now congressman boehner today, congressman markey, has responded. i wanted to play this for you. >> for someone who asked to be held to a higher standard, president obama spends an awful lot of time making excuses and whining about others. the american people want leadership from this white house, not childish partisanship. with the president failing to lead, democrats here on capitol hill are rushing out of town to eat fireworks and eat macaroni salad instead of getting american people's work done. >> so a lot in there. let me try to unpack it. it was congressman boehner who first described the whole financial reform package as using a nuclear weapon against an ant, describing the financial collapse last year as an ant. the president then went after him in rasines, wisconsin, and now this is the response. how does this help anybody?
1:34 pm
i guess the tit for tat between the white house and john boehner? >> well, look it the republican paradox is that they don't believe in government but they have to run for office in order to make sure that the government doesn't work. and so, what we're seeing today, two catastrophes. one is the aftermath of the financial meltdown that was a result of the bush administration churning a blind eye to unregulated financial products that exploded, like ticking time bombs. the same thing is true out in the gulf of mexico, allowing for a systemic waiver of protections led ultimately to the ticking time bomb of the deepwater horizon exploding and sinking to the bottom of the ocean. what is the response that we hear from the republicans? well, the president is on his own. it's not our responsibility to do anything to protect people against being ripped off by financial firms in the future. they're going to vote, no. to ensure that there is, in
1:35 pm
fact, safety measures put in place in order to deal with this incredible catastrophe down in the gulf of mexico, not their job. so this kind of distancing themselves from problems that they created is just a -- part of a pattern that we see across republicans across the board. it's almost neotistic but what they did was made it impossible for the government to protect ordinary people and the people in the gulf are being victimized by a double whammy. the financial meltdown and this at strophic spill, and yet -- the catastrophic spill. pretend not eight years of bush regulatory mania. >> i guess we know how you think about what john boehner had to say about the president whining. i hope that you do enjoy some fireworks and some macaroni
1:36 pm
salad knowing that republicans would still be working hardaway at all of these issues if the democrats weren't leaving town. >> well, we're very proud up in lexington up in my district. >> right. >> where the columnists were firing those first shots so that we could celebrate this weekend of the great invention of democracy in the united states. >> lexington and concorde. thanks so much, congressman ed marky. >> thank you. >> happy 4th. and bail hearings get under way in federal courthouses around country now for nine members of that alleged russian spy ring. today while a tenth member and a chapman sits behind bars in solitary in a brooklyn jail she's become the most riveting figure. a modern-day bond girl who stood out in the crowd who her alleged colleagues tried to blend in. >> reporter: she was a new york party girl and now an internet sensation. 28-year-old anna chapman seductive, describing herself as the founder of an online real estate firm. >> so i launched this business purely because i wanted to help someone. >> reporter: the fbi says
1:37 pm
chapman was actually work for russian intelligence. at a starbucks in midtown manhattan, where a barnes & noble downton setting a closed wireless network on her laptop to pass messages to her handler in a minivan outside. here's chapman promoting herself in a video for a business conserve conference. >> but i think that the most challenging part of my life really started when i quit all my jobs, really cut all of my salaries, and really did something i wanted to do. >> the fbi says chapman and the others used invisible ink, secret codes blending in and in chapman's case living the manhattan high-life. >> i will shop. i will have a business meeting at 2:00. i will have a wonderful dinner. >> reporter: russian agents buried thousands of dollars of cash upstate to finance their cover stories. >> that's a lot of money to be handing out, you know? that caught my eye because that means that they expected something from it. but there's no evidence that they got very much.
1:38 pm
>> reporter: no coupleancepeared more all-american than two of the other suspects, richard and cynthia murphy. seen here in themont clair backyard. >> i was totally surprised. out of anyone on the block they'd be the last people that you'd expect. >> wednesday the mailman made his normal drop at the munchy house. neighbors are still amazed. >> i mean it was nothing that was like suspicious or anything that was odd. >> and what about the unwitting americans, the accused spies allegedly cultivating for information. >> some of them may have already been contacted. some of them may have picked up the paper this morning and said oh my gosh that's the guy i play ten wisevery tuesday. >> today anna chapman remains in solitary confinement. >> an 11th suspect in the alleged ring the accused paymaster for all of these spies was arrested in cyprus. he was allowed on bail and skipped out on his bail. he's disappeared nope trace.
1:39 pm
and up next here, new york city mayor michael bloomberg on rewriting what he call little the nation's failed immigration policy and he's full-court press to get lebron james to play ball in the big apple. >> come on, lebron. write the next chapter in nyc basketball history. >> you can see now on sirius xm satellite. msnbc on sirius channel 90 xm channel 120. host: was abe lincoln honest? mary todd: does this dress make my backside look big? abe: perhaps a... vo: geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance.
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what we've made clear is that this administration will not just kick the can down the road. immigration reform is no exception. president obama at an american university this morning. new york city mayor michael bloomberg had a front row seat for today's address. he's leading a coalition of mayors and big corporation executives to reshape, what he
1:43 pm
calls the nation's failed immigration policy. i spoke to him just a few minutes earlier and asked the mayor if he was satisfied with what the president had to say. >> i think that the president outlined the problem, all of the parts of it. there were four major things, you've got to solve them all at the same time or you'll never build a political constituency to do so. i think that he outlined the problem, and issue is coming up with policies that we can implement and that the american public will understand and that congress will go along to. but this is the first step and i'm glad to see he's moved it up to the top of his agenda. >> the top of his agenda. what does that really mean, though? he's been criticized for not making it a top priority. his defense, self-defense is that he can't find any republican support. >> well, i think the problem is not so much the republicans. it is both sides of the aisle and lots of parts of this country. people believe that immigrants are taking jobs, and in fact i
1:44 pm
have a group of business people, in the biggest companies in the country, and mayors of some of the largest city and our job is to explain quite the reverse is true. we'll not work ourselves out of this problem of not jobs if everybody unless we have immigrants from around the world, coming here, creating businesses and inventing the next big things here, which will be the jobs of tomorrow. >> how do you make that case to people in the rough belt who've seen their jobs evaporate and are thinking about the fact that they don't have a paycheck, and also people in arizona and maces like that who are screaming bloody murder because of the rate of kidnappings and the violence coming across the board? >> well there's no question that we have to get control of our border and i'm sympathetic to people who live near a border and worry about crime. but the ways that you do that is twofold. you have to reduce the demand as stop the supply. and the demand of people coming over here is -- is great but
1:45 pm
they come because there are jobs here and why are there jobs here for illegals? because we don't have it's employers don't have a ways of telling whether or not something is legal. so at the same time you put your law enforcement people along the border, you have to change the social security card so it can't be counterfeited. you can go in lots of big cities in this country and for 50 bucks buy a counterfeit social security card. 75 bucks a green card. maybe 200 bucks for a passport. we have to make those documents uncopyiable and then enforce the law and say to our employers, you cannot enforce somebody -- you cannot hire somebody who's illegal. right now the employer says, yeah, but tell me. they showed me a card. well, okay, let's solve that problem. and that will get fewer people coming across the border which will let the law enforcement officers that we put there better able do their job. so you have to do both of those two things together. at the same time you have to give out visas to those people
1:46 pm
who, not wanted to come here, but that we want to come here. the people who will invent the next best thing. the people who will take the kind of jobs that americans want to do. whatever it is we should be in control of our own borders and we should decide who comes here. we also have to make sure that we attract those who are the future and what used to happen is everything was invented here. today people get their graduate education here and then go elsewheres as to invent stuff and the jobs that they are creating are in canada, or in asia, or in europe, or in south america, or in africa. can't do this. >> but past supporters of a comprehensive solution like john mccain are in tough re-election battles, and you've got many republicans who have fled from the debate. >> well, that's our job, is to bring them back. keep in mind the november election is only four months from now. >> but nothing will get done? this year? >> no it's summertime.
1:47 pm
common sense says it's the time to build coalition, it's the time to be out there explaining and convincing people and showing them the data that this country depends on immigrants or we don't have an economic future. and if the bill gets past after november 3rd or before november 3rd, it's not going to make a lot of difference, as long as in the next six months, we pass a bill. >> i want to ask you about something as i figure it now it's about 13 hours perhaps since lebron james became a free agent. let me play you a bit of tape. >> well, it's on one leg. clyde with a steal. dr. j.'s soaring from the line. come on, lebron. write the next chapter in nyc basketball history. >> you've got deep pockets kwp the daily news" the hometown tabloid today, hometown tabloid says "sign him."
1:48 pm
have you signed him yet. >> we have two new york teams and hopefully one of them will. >> why shouldn't he, you know, cleveland needs him. his heart should be in cleveland. the president wants him to go to chicago we assume for the bulls. >> it must be nice to have everybody want you. >> but why should he come and play for the knicks? >> i don't know if he should play for the knicks or the nets but he should play for one of the two and the reason to do it is new york is the greatest stage in the world. and he can soar on the court, but he can also do things off the court. i said yesterday, he can walk the streets without people annoying him. on the other hand, he can have all of the attention that he needs to accomplish what he wants. this is a guy that's interested in helping society, kids,adecation. he's got a lot of agendas as and he can do that better from new york than any other place else. >> well, we shall see. thanks very much, mike bloomberg great to see you. thanks for coming by. >> thanks for having me. are you listening, lebron james and now we go right to the
1:49 pm
white house where admiral thad allen is briefing. >> put a plug in that will kill the well. development driller 2 is 670,000 feet below the sea floor and is making proelg as well. our onshore and near-shore skim anxiety recovery operations have been hampered due to the weather. the same with the vessels operating in/around the well site itself. the drilling rigs were able to continue but we are now massing our forces to be able to move right back out once the weather allows us to get out and skim. we were able to have some back skimmers and some progress there but in general waiting for the weather to abate so that we can move on with recovery the recov operations. >> admiral allen, can you talk about this new 20-meter safety
1:50 pm
zone and if that was done at bp's request and what's the reason to do that at this stage in the crisis? >> can you be more specific? >> the safety zone for vessels and other oil response. >> it's not at all unusual for the coast guard to establish safety zones. >> but we're so far into this, why do it now and why the new -- >> i actually had some personal complaints from some county commissioners and some other local mayors who thought there was a chance that somebody would get hurt and have a problem with the boom itself. >> it wasn't a bp request? >> not at all. >> and really quickly, the climate bill, is it -- i think some environmentalists are under the impression that the administration is now asking for a vote before august and
1:51 pm
limiting any kind of cap or pricing to the electric utilities, is that accurate? >> we have said that and the senate has said that after coming back from the recess, one of the things that they will do is likely take up energy. we think that's the right thing to do. the president had a good meeting a couple of days ago with bipartisan -- with senators from both parties that have led on this issue, we have not made any final determinations about the size and scope of the legislation except to say that the president believes and continues to believe that putting a price on carbon has to be part of our comprehensive energy. again, this is -- >> and thad allen will be live on msnbc live at 3:00. and we'll be right back. [ male announcer ] invest with fidelity and get more for less.
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jonathan capehart msnbc editorial writer joins us now. >> tomorrow the june unemployment numbers came out and in may the unemployment rate was 9.7%. the key number to look at tomorrow is private sector jobs, only 41,000 were created in may, let's see how many were created in june. >> jonathan, thank you very much. and tomorrow on the show, we have got labor secretary hilda solis to go through all of that. alex whit is next right here on msnbc. mom, thanks for the amazing pie! it's soo good. ♪ this is insanely good. see, i thank you for stuff! oh and thanks for the roof over my head...and stuff like that. you should come over more often. and thanks for having such exquisite taste. ♪ [ female announcer ] give the cool whip.
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1:59 pm
financial reform happen. and if you prefer the cool glow of a tanning bed compared to the bright summer sun, be prepared to hand over a little more cash to keep your body bronsz bronzed. tomorrow alex hit land as a powerful category 2 hurricane with 105-mile-per-hour winds, the strongest june hurricane since 1966. its winds are now down to about 50 miles an hour, but it continues to dump heavy rain on mexico as well as south and central texas. weather channel meteorologist jim cantore is joining us from south padre island, texas. jim, what is it like there now? >> reporter: isn't it nice of them to name is first storm of the season after you? obviously the dunes have held up pretty well. in a way, it's


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